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Urgent Message for Fitnesss Professionals and Coaches

Personal trainers, fitness instructors, sports coaches, sports science graduates, martial arts instructors, dance instructors wanted for the worldwide launch of Herbalife24.

  • Partner with one of the worlds leading brands and dramatically increase your income or raise money for your club, school or university
  • Herbalife are the fastest growing nutrition company in the world. Last year in a global recession we grew by over $800 million dollars in sales and we are just getting started. Record Results
  • Become a Herbalife Wellness Coach and you will have the opportunity to supply your clients with outstanding nutrition programmes and services.
  • Combine diet and exercise to get the best results for your clients.
  • Why train and coach people that take your advice and purchase products elsewhere
  • Herbalife are now looking for coaches, personal trainers and fitness instructors to join them
  • Watch some of the videos on ths site and get ready to increase your income!
  • Your details added to our directory. Even benefit from new fitness clients from our promotional activity.
  • Contact us for more details about Herbalife24 [email protected]

Fitness Coach talking about new Herbalife24 Performance Nutrition

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Fitness Professional Testimonials

Lee  – PT Maesteg and Swansea
“I cannot believe I did not do this sooner. My clients were over the moon when I told them that I could now supply them with all the nutrition advice and products they needed to maximise their results. They are much happier with the fantastic results they are now getting and I am making an extra £2000 per month income just by recommending Herbalifes excellent products!!”

Peter  PT Swansea, South Wales
“Herbalife has given our Bootcamp clients amazing results, and so much more energy in our Bootcamp sessions. Its unbelievable how much help you get being part of the Herbalife team, marketing material, seminars, videos you name it Herbalife has thought of it!”

Sean  – Tennis Coach – Bristol
“Herbalife rocks, I’ve been coaching now for over 12 years and made more money with Herbalife in the last 2 years than ever before, plus my clients get the best possible nutrition 24/7 everybodys a winner ”

Kelly- Zumba Instructor – Birmingham
“Herbalife has given my members massive amounts of energy, all the girls love the
products. we all have our shakes together at the end of the workout, my zumba family. lol
Herbalife has given me a second income that I did not know was possible just 20 customers and I make over £1000 per month.!!”

Become a Herbalife Wellness Coach