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Herbalife offers superior nutrition to keep sports men and women people performing at their peak. This nutrition benefits in Herbalife products can increase energy, improve endurance, provide focus and speed up recovery.

Nutrition for Sports Performance

Includes in the sports nutrition programme, is a new range called Herbalife24, used by professional teans and athletes. And also now available  to elite amateur athletes.  Achieve the ultimate in sports nutrition. There will always be someone better, faster, stronger. Be that someone. Herbalife 24 is the world’s first nutrition program that can be personally tailored by each individual athlete – and it can take training, performance and recovery to the next level.

Herbalife24 is based on the latest proven science and every product batch we produce is third-party tested for substances banned by sport. It assures the athlete that what is listed on the label is exactly what is in the product.