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CR7 elevates his game with elite nutrition

Soccer champion Cristiano Ronaldo talks about how when he was young, he didn’t think too much about nutrition and that his primary motivation was to just enjoy himself. It wasn’t until later on in his development that he started to realize just how important nutrition was. Ronaldo says he considers his body a weapon and that it gives him an advantage over other players. He believes that recovery after training and games is critical to his performance, which is why he is partnered with Herbalife. Ronaldo says that if he doesn’t train and fuel his body properly, he won’t be the best. And make no mistake – Ronaldo wants to be the best.

New CR7 Drive

CR7 Drive is developed by experts in sports nutrition. This unique carbohydrate-electrolyte solution contributes to the maintenance of endurance performance during prolonged endurance exercise and enhances the absorption of water during physical exercise.

Enhance hydration with 320mg of vital electrolytes lost during exercise.
Brain-fuelling glucose helps promote quick and accurate game-time decision making.
Easy to digest carbohydrate blend helps fuel muscles and sustain energy levels.
Lightly flavoured with no artificial flavours or sweeteners.

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